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Apple SIM Working Full Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7-13.6.1 + Sync iTunes + Restart Fixed [Windows]

Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7

Apple Releases iOS 13.7: Surprise Update With Indispensable Covid-19 Upgrade. FREE iCloud BYPASS iOS 13.7-13.6.1 calls, GSM, Notification icloud full service. We have a new tool limited time offer but works 100% to all devices with checkra1n jailbreak. This app its for Mac. easy to use one click button. Download here and many bugs fix. One week’s offer. iOS 13.7 is likely either the last or the next-to-last software update for iPhone’s before the launch of iOS 14, which is expected to happen within the next few weeks.

Download Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7 MAC

Download Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7 Windows

Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7-13.6.1
Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7-13.6.1

Tools Jailbreak Checkra1n 10.0.1

I show method bypass icloud iOS 13.7 -13.6.1 use 1 click tool, also fix iTunes and install SafeShutDown, iTunes,Sync iTunes + Restart Fixed [Windows] full access sync media, backup, and restore. using windows tools

  • BootRa1n USB :

Download iso File:

Support Intel-AMD
UEFI & LEGACY 32bit – 64bit

Select the flash drive, and it should boot into the login prompt
Log in as: anon,
with password : voidlinux
At the $ prompt : sudo checkra1n

Bypass iCloud iOS 13.7-13.6.1 Troubleshooting

With iOS 13.7, the iPhone can now, if you opt in to this, spot when you have encounters where you are less than 6 feet away from others by your phones swapping encrypted tokens. 

Error -71: Use the (USB Safe) option in the boot menu.

Error -77: Remove your passcode before starting the jailbreak, you can set it back once done.

Error -78: Exit checkra1n and double-check you entered sudo checkra1n
Secure Boot Errors: You can disable Secure Boot in your BIOS settings.

USB Errors: Try swapping cables and changing from USB 2.0 (black port) to 3.0 (blue port) and vice versa.
Graphics Errors: Use the (Graphics Safe) option in the boot menu.

ACPI Errors: On the boot menu, select RAM mode, then press TAB and add acpi=off nomodeset to the prompt.

Windows Bypass iOS 14-13.6-12.4.7 iCloud Unlock Only 1 Click | Fix Error| Call Fix Trick

iOS 14, 14.0.1, 14.0.2 Untethered iCloud Bypass, Step guide to 100% complete iCloud Unlock 

Credits by & thanks :
Checkra1n –
Base OS – Void Linux Team
Project – Foxlet (@FoxletFox)
Concept – Evan (@evanhackerman)

Developer Credits

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